Bon Voyage


We’re half-way through the year, and by now you’re feeling a little burnt out. What you need is to get away for the weekend! You’re probably thinking that would be great, but it just brings the added stress of packing. As we know, women tend to over pack. It’s only one weekend, you don’t need to bring your whole life along. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you pack light.

The Essentials
First pack what you know you’re going to need, like socks and underwear. Or if you’re someone who gets cold easily, you will need a sweater or sweatshirt. Next, think about the outfits. A dress can be a whole outfit, and takes up less space than separates. The key is to pack basics in solid colors, which can be mixed and matched.

Do you really need an extra bag just for your shoes? Odds are you’re not going to wear all of them, so go with a two-pair rule. Camping? Pack hiking boots and sneakers. Relaxing on the beach? Flip flops and sandals are all you’ll need. Headed into the city? Pack a pair of flats and either wedges or heels for a night out. And remember, black goes with everything.

Your Toiletries
Girls, if you’re like me, you probably have hundreds of beauty products scattered across your sink. When going away, it can be a hassle to carry all of that with you. To cut down, put liquids like your shampoo and conditioner into travel bottles, which can be found at the dollar store! In case something spills, always pack these items in zip-lock bags.

Where to Put It
Now that you have everything together, you need to figure out how to fit it in your bag. Put you heavier items in first like shoes and your jacket. Place shoes around the outside of your bag and roll your clothes instead of folding to take up less space.

For each item you consider, ask yourself if you really think you need it or will wear it. I’ve been able to fit everything I needed for a weekend into one backpack and I know you can too!

Where are you headed this weekend and what are some of the essentials you’re bringing along?

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