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Over the past couple of weekends, I’ve had the sincere pleasure of visiting two great vacation destinations—Cape Cod, MA and Nashville, TN. Together, they both turned out to be great weekend getaway locations; however, they offer far different atmospheres for the traveling spirit.

Cape Cod, MA

Made up of 15 towns, Cape Cod can offer several different experiences during your stay.  My charming little adventure started in Brewster, which is full of B&B’s, art galleries, antique shops, and 300 acres of beaches along Cape Cod Bay. If you’re feeling more outdoorsy, you can visit Nickerson State Park, where you’ll enjoy 400 acres of trails, camping areas and freshwater ponds.

Over the course of the trip, I also visited Chatham and Provincetown, where I was surrounded by an artistic vibe, cute boutiques, and local trendy stores—these are certainly two towns with just enough enticement to spend a little too much money.  And while both are great towns, they are practically complete opposites of each other.

  • Chatham (1712) is an old-fashion town, full of historic inns, churches, great food, and plenty of art for the wandering eye.  The town is surrounded by water on three sides, so there are plenty of chances to snap the perfect family photo.
  • Provincetown plenty of photo opts as well, seeing as nearly three-quarters of it’s wilderness state is preserved as part of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park.  In 1620, “P-town” as it’s referred to, was also the Pilgrims’ First Landing spot, as well as the site where the Mayflower Compact was signed.  Now-a-days, it is a lively town—full of young, free spirits.  From whale watching and family festivals, to all-day entertainment, shopping, and great food (we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Lobster Pot), you’ll never be disappointed!

Nashville, TN

Although it was only a 24-hour trip, I instantly fell in love with the excitement of downtown Nashville.  Known for it’s endless access to great music, Nashville has earned the nickname “Music City.”  During my stay, I bounced around Broadway—a resemblance to any great city’s main drag, but with a lot more country mixed in. No matter where I popped into, I was surrounded by music, food, and cowboy boots.  It was a much different vibe than DC to say the least!

I wish I had more time to explore the city, but if you ever get the chance to, here’s a list of stops to get you started:  

So, whether you’re in the mood for a whale-watching adventure in Cape Cod or a country-filled getaway to Nashville, you will have the perfect combination of history and new discoveries to fill your time away!

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