The Benefits of Travel


If you’re not currently celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week, at least with summer on its way, you’re likely gearing up for vacation or maybe just a few weekend trips.  No matter how far you are from home, traveling any distance is good for your health – especially your heart and brain. (1)  

So, rather than delay, lets chat and chew about the many benefits of traveling!

Believe it or not, traveling can actually decrease a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%!  While that stat would motivate almost anyone to start packing a bag, between busy schedules and financial strains, traveling isn’t easy for everyone.  It is, however, very important to getaway from time-to-time. 

Travel reduces stress.  Aside from packing, which I never find relaxing, getting ready for a trip—whether for business or pleasure—always raises my spirits.  Traveling helps you avoid burnout, which isn’t hard to come by in today’s workforce.  There’s nothing more refreshing than arriving at your destination and knowing new adventures are around the corner.    

Travel means change.  A change of scenery can help improve your mood.  Taking a trip washes away monotony—it frees you from your normal routine and gives you a burst of energy.  Diverting from your normal schedule helps prevent you from becoming stagnant; it can inspire you or simply give your mind and body a much needed break. 

Travel implies exercise.  Traveling involves physical activity without having to drag your feet to get to the gym.  You’re likely sightseeing, or maybe your trip involves something more adventurous like rock climbing or white water rafting—either way, you’re generally more active than you are at home.       

Travel expands your palette.  For me, whenever I travel to a new city—or even to my parents’ home—food is something I always look forward to.  While vacation can lead to indulging yourself, immersing yourself into the culture and exploring new foods is always highly recommended.  As long as you’re watching your portions, enjoy the local delicacies.

Travel connects people.  Whether you’re traveling with friends or family, or you’re flying solo, traveling connects people.  With familiar faces, traveling creates memories and gives us a chance to sometimes reconnect with others; it’s easy to lose track of things when you’re busy with work and other responsibilities.  You can hit pause and catch up with those closest to you—and without the pressures of time.  On the other hand, travel gives us the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world.  Socializing can be very therapeutic and it gives you a chance to widen your network and possibly learn something new.

Making time for travel is not only essential to your health, it’s necessary for relationships as well.  By spending quality time with others, you will likely communicate better, learn something new or for couples, be more romantic.  So, whether you’re traveling to catch up on sleep or backpack through a new city, just go!      

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