Insurance Solutions Pt. 2


If you haven’t had a chance to read through Part One of our Insurance Solutions mini-series, check it out here. As we wrap up the conversation, we are going to chat and chew about the importance of Legal & Identity Theft Protection, as well as Career Protection in our everyday lives.


Fighting a legal battle on your own can be an extremely daunting experience. On the other hand, having the ability to contact a lawyer at a moment’s notice has its perks. From smaller issues, like a speeding ticket, to more complex ones like divorce or adoption, legal protection can offer you peace-of-mind inside and outside the court room.

Another experience that can cause a big ripple effect is identity theft—an estimated 9 million Americans are affected each year, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In today’s digital world, our personal information (name, Social Security Number, date of birth, address, etc.) is more vulnerable than ever. Nowadays, you can login to any site through your Facebook or Twitter account; however, despite how convenient it is, try and avoid allowing other websites or apps to connect this way. It grants permission to see and use your personal information, which opens more doors to potential malicious activity that you will never see coming. Soon enough, you’re dealing with potential threats to your personal information.

While the thought is scary enough, the severity of identity theft will never fully be understood unless you experience it; the financial, criminal, and emotional consequences it has will need more than a pint of ice cream to repair the damage. Even more, people are stealing the identities of friends and family to gain access to health care services! Read more in this article from the latest publication of our newsletter, Compass Connection.

Compass Rose Benefits Group teamed up with LegalShield to offer ALL Active Federal employees comprehensive legal services for only $15.95 a month. With access to a variety of legal services, including advice, attorney letters or calls of your behalf, contract and document review, plus more, having a lawyer in your back pocket has never felt better—or affordable! For added security, members can combine legal coverage with our Identity Theft Protection Plan for only $9.95 more! Learn more at and start protecting you and your family today!


When you spend the majority of your life working hard to build a career, the last thing you want is for it to come crashing down—especially out of nowhere. In any workforce, you can face allegations of misconduct and wrongdoing, despite the fact that you are clearly working within the scope of your employment. If a claim is made against you—even if the allegations is baseless—will you be protected from the potential consequences?

In order to help provide peace-of-mind at an affordable rate, Compass Rose Benefits Group partnered with Wright USA to offer ALL Active Federal employees Professional Liability Insurance (PLI). With four coverage options available, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered if a claim is made against you! Learn more today about career protection at

Overall, the most important thing to remember is that insurance it’s not necessarily for you, but instead, the ones you love the most. No matter where you are in life—whether you are single, have a family, bought a new home, started a new career, or are caring for your aging parents—there’s always the potential risk that something can go wrong. So, make sure when something does happen, you and your family are prepared.

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