Sky-High Traveling Tips


This past Wednesday was National Aviation Day, which celebrates the history and development of the aviation. While flying may not be your favorite way to travel, it does get you the furthest the fastest. Even though the seats are smaller and dinner might seem more like a snack, there are ways to sit back and actually enjoy your time in the sky.

So, with summer officially winding down—no pun intended—let’s chat and chew about tips for traveling by plane.

Travel Light

Traveling today can get expensive, especially if you fly, so it’s important to pack small and carry a lighter bag with you on the plane. This will not only keep your costs down—by not adding the expense of checking your bag—but it will also save you the hassle of having to drag a heavy load through airport security. Many suggest bringing a small carry-on suitcase that you can lift into the overhead bin, as well as one additional bag, like a purse or laptop bag, which you can easily place under the seat in front of you. You’ll appreciate all the extra leg room you can get, so the less you pack the better!

Drink Water

Have you ever noticed how thirsty you get on a plane? The reason is because the air in the plane cabin is not humidified. Rather than deal with chapped lips and dry skin, drink plenty of water. From the time you get up to the moment you land, staying hydrated should be a top priority. While you may enjoy an in-flight beverage, remember that coffee or alcohol dehydrates your body. Also, bottle water at the airport can be pricey, so bring a reusable water bottle to fill yourself—you’ll be thankful with a little extra pocket change to spend of something more exciting.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Washing your hands after using the restroom is one thing, but getting off a plane can make you crave a shower. Since soap and water aren’t easy to come by in the air, sanitizer is a great alternative to have handy so you can keep yourself healthy!

Bring Healthy Snacks

Skip the long lines and the usual unhealthy choices—even save yourself some cash—by packing your own healthy snacks rather than relying on airport and airline food. Preparing ahead of time will help prevent your blood sugar from dropping too low during a long flight. Choose options like carrot sticks, celery sticks, or whole-wheat crackers. Even packing a sandwich is a good alternative, but make sure you choose wisely when it comes to toppings and lunch meats.  

Entertainment is a Must

Whether it’s a book, crossword puzzle, music, or DVD player, in-flight entertainment is always a smart thing to pack. Some flights charge you for movies (even headphones), so pack your own and save yourself the unnecessary cost. For flights that forgo the movie or TV option, having that New York Times Best Seller will be a life saver an hour into your journey!

Enjoy your time above the clouds in style and fill your next travel experience with positive memories!  If you are a frequent flyer and have some tips of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Help others become professional globe trotters, or at least enjoy their business travels, cross-country trip or next family vacation!

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