Happily Ever After


When you meet someone who is genuinely happy, you automatically feel better—it’s hard not to feed off their energy. However, it’s not uncommon that we fill our days, weeks, and months to the point where we have no free time. As someone who has always enjoyed being busy, I’m starting to realize how much an over packed schedule can bring down one’s happiness. 

August is Happiness Happens Month! So, rather than just think about better times ahead, let’s chat and chew about the importance of being happy and ways you can start living a happier life.


Happiness decreases stress. When you’re optimistic about life you are less likely to experience anxiety, fear, and overall stress. Happiness is contagious, so whether you decide to be the most joyful of the group, or surround yourself with happy people, either can benefit you and the ones you’re with each day.

Happiness is good for the family. As the old saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life.” However, that saying can also apply to all members of the family. If you wake up every day to a low-stress, happy environment, the likelihood that your day will end on a positive note is much higher. Try smiling more or say ‘I love you’ as much as possible—it can really brighten the mood around the house!

Happiness can improve your social life. When you’re the ‘Negative Nancy’ of the group, it makes it difficult for people to want to hang out with you. Rather than carry around a bad attitude, try finding activities that can help you forget about a rough day at work or a different stressor affecting your mood. Also, if you are bored or uninterested by your typical social scene, try engaging in something new – it’s a great way to meet people who can add value to your life and increase happiness.

Happiness can make you look and feel younger. Who doesn’t want a natural remedy to slow the aging process? Luckily the trick can be as easy as living a happy life. If you’ve ever had someone comment about how you’re glowing, that almost immediately adds to whatever internal fuzzy feeling you’re experiencing. Without any added creams or pills, your mind and body are naturally improving—and a person who can stay happy on the inside will almost always, in some fashion, remain young on the outside.

Happiness can lead to success at work. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed at times while at work—but it shouldn’t lead to unhappiness. There’s a difference between being busy and feeling unsatisfied. If you work hard and have a joyful approach to your job, you can increase your chances of being promoted or at the very least, more noticeable. Happiness in the workplace has a ripple effect and can raise your co-workers moods, encourage better relationships with clients, and even lead to business deals. Try and leave whatever is bothering you at the door, so you can pave the way to a more successful career!


Take care of YOU. When it comes to your happiness, the easiest and most important thing to remember is it starts with YOU. If your mind and body are not healthy, it’s very difficult to feel good about the life you’re living. Staying active and engaging with people we enjoy investing our time into is a great way to instantly improve our mood—it can even lift us out of depression. Spend more time outdoors, eat healthy or try new restaurants, unplug from technology, and get enough sleep.

Never stop learning. Our well-being can be greatly affected by a lack of learning; we crave knowledge and new skills. By doing something unfamiliar, we are exposed to new experiences and ideas, which ultimately helps us stay curious and builds self-confidence. Fill your time by joining a club, taking music or singing lessons, or playing a new sport!

Give back to your community and others. An easy way to feel good is to help others—caring for our loved ones is essential to our happiness. Giving to others not only creates stronger connections between people, it can eventually lead to a better society. And don’t feel like you need to donate monetary funds to a charity tomorrow—you can contribute your time, ideas, and energy to others as well.

Have something to look forward to. Thinking about the future or feeling excited about an upcoming event or trip is a simple way to feel happier. On the flip side, setting meaningful and realistic goals is another way to create happiness – it keeps us motivated and leads to achievement.

When you approach life with a ‘glass half full’ mentality, things don’t seem as scary. Taking a positive approach in life is a great way to broaden perception, perform better, and increase our general health. Life is always going to throw you curve balls, so find ways to overcome the low moments you are guaranteed to face along the way. Always have a back-up plan too—if you’re not in the mood to try something new, rely on the things you know make you happy. Have a suggestion for how to live a more fulfilling life? Leave a comment below!

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