There’s Always Room for Improvement


When it comes to self-improvement we all have different ways of conquering our goals. While it’s natural to want to grow, it’s not always easy to figure out how. There are simple things you can do to help you improve throughout your life—some on a daily basis and some take time.

So, in recognition of Self-Improvement Month, let’s talk about different tips (mental, physical, emotional, etc.) you can try to help you feel good about yourself.

Pick up a new hobby. Beyond just your normal hobbies, find something new you can try either by yourself or with friends! Pick up a new sport—like rock climbing or flag football—or try a recreational hobby, such as pottery, cooking, dancing, or design.

Learn something new. This is an idea that’s been tossed around in other posts – that’s because it’s important! Taking up a new course—or attending seminars or workshops—is a great way to gain new knowledge and skills. Learning something new requires you to leave your comfort zone, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

Let go of your fears. While it’s almost impossible not to fear something—like uncertainty, public speaking, money, or even spiders—fears keep us from growing. Face your fear(s) and address it head on. Find a way to overcome it so you won’t hold yourself back from growth. If you experience that feeling in the future, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it as well!

Exercise weekly. My mom always told me to exercise to not only stay healthy, but to clear my head. Exercise is a great way to sweat out the toxins that keep us down. If you have a bad day, a quick run or walk through the neighborhood can make a huge difference in the way you think about yourself. Keep yourself motivated and mix-up your routine with jogging, gym lessons and swimming for variation.

Focus on to-do lists. Knowing what’s on your plate and writing down ONE master list of all tasks will keep you focused. This is a great way to maintain structure in your life, which allows you to grow and improve. Depending on your job, find a system that works for you to keep track of your work—try a notebook, Post-it® Notes, or sticky notes on your computer.

Learn from your friends and family. Take a look at the people you surround yourself with and you’ll notice that they also have great qualities. Try out these various skills and see how they can help you improve your own life. Also, speak to your family and ask them to assist you with narrowing down your talents—maybe you’re not seeing what’s right in front of you and a conversation will help you begin to highlight those untapped skills.

No matter what skills you do or don’t possess, never give up or feel like you can’t achieve self-improvement. The old saying goes, you won’t know until you TRY. It’s up to you to craft your own ideas and strategy for how you can grow, because, making sure you’re happy is the true meaning of life. Have something to add? Feel free to share your own tips in the comments section below and help others become the best person they can be!

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