Health Literacy Month


Guest bloggers: Sue McConnell and Tara Brewington

October is Health Literacy Month—a time to promote the importance of easy to comprehend health information, according to As a consumer, it is becoming increasingly harder to maneuver through the health care system—and there are several reasons why.  First, it is a very complex system. Second, you are often asked to make decisions in a short amount of time. Third, treatments are frequently changing as new research, information, and options become available.  Compass Rose Benefits Group understands these difficulties and provides tools to help you address your health care needs.

The first step in addressing your health care needs is finding a provider you like and trust. You can search through UnitedHealthcare’s—the PPO network for the Compass Rose Health Plan—online provider directory at in order to locate providers in your area that meets your requirements.  The directory provides quality indicators you can use to choose a provider. When you visit the provider you have selected, if you have concerns regarding your health, do not hesitate to have a conversation with them and ask questions.

One of the most difficult tasks is finding reliable information to help you make decisions.  If you choose to conduct research on the internet, look for trusted sites such as those supported by a health organization / foundation (.org), government supported sites (.gov) or are written by a source that you respect and trust.  An easy way to obtain reliable information is through the Member Portal. The portal provides access to a Health Education Library where you can find information on certain conditions, such as signs and symptoms, tests used to diagnose and treatment options.  In addition, you can find useful information about prescription drugs, such as side effects and interactions.

The next step in navigating your health care is determining your treatment costs.  It can be challenging to understand the deductibles and out-of-pocket costs associated with your care. The Health Cost Estimator, available through the Member Portal, allows you to estimate costs for specific providers and services.  Information on the quality of providers is also located within this tool. Another cost-estimating resource is Express Scripts, the Compass Rose Health Plan’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager. Their free website allows you to view costs for your prescriptions and less expensive alternatives.  In addition, information on drug and its potential side effects are also available.

Compass Rose Benefits Group is dedicated to helping solve the complexities of insurance.  To access the resources above, login to your Member Portal at, or visit to get started.

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