Chilly-Weather Workouts


While it can be hard to find the time and motivation to exercise when the weather is nice, it’s that much more difficult in the colder months. With winter on the horizon, rather than give into the temptation of staying inside on chilly days, try winter-proofing your workout routine to keep you healthy, happy, and fit till spring. 

So, it the spirit of winter, let’s chat and chew about workout and fitness tips to survive the colder days ahead.

Dress the part. A simple way to prevent you from bringing your exercise routine indoors is investing in the proper gear, such as a hat and hoodie, according to fitness trainer Lacey Stone.

Hit the slopes. Whether you already take to the slopes in the winter months, or you’ve always wanted to learn how to ski or snowboard, there’s no better time than the present! Both skiing and snowboarding are great alternatives to help mix things up—and likely more entertaining and social than your normal routine! According to, you can burn anywhere from 290 to 800+ calories* per hour when snowboarding!

*Calories are estimates based on body weight. Results depend on variables, such as muscle content, gender, metabolism, intensity levels, and expertise on the board, according to Read more here.

Play in the snow. It’s hard to forget just how exciting it was when school closed for a Snow Day. While Snow Days are not as easy to come by in the working-world, if given the chance, embrace your inner-child and play in the snow! In the end, you’ll workout without realizing you even broke a sweat—it’s easy to forget how much energy it takes during a snowball fight (319 calories burned per hour*) or when building a snowman (285 calories burned per hour*).

Also, for anyone who has ever shoveled snow, they know all too well how exhausting it can be after only a short amount of time. Shoveling snow burns about 223 calories per 30 minutes**, according to Harvard Medical School’s “Calories Burned in 30 Minutes for People of Three Different weights” chart.

*Calorie estimates based on Get Physical: Play in the Snow;
**Calorie estimates based on a person who weighs 155 pounds; Harvard Medical School: Calories Burned in 30 Minutes for People of Three Different Weights.

Work out at home. This is an option you can incorporate year-round, especially during the summer months as well. There are countless FREE online workout routines to try at home when it’s unsafe to hit the pavement—or, you can always resort to your favorite workout DVD stashed away for a snowy day! Check out Huffington Post’s list featuring 20 of the Best Free Online Workout Video Series for some popular options that might work for you and your fitness goals.

No matter how you decide to burn calories this winter, be mindful of how the weather affects your body. You may need to warm-up or cool down differently, or switch up your running path to avoid injury or uncomfortable changes in temperature. You’re more likely to encounter chilling winds on open roads and paths near water, unlike if you were covered by trees and buildings. To learn more, check out these Winter Workout Safety Tips.

Leave hibernation to the bears this winter and get started a few weeks early on your 2016 fitness resolutions! Spread holiday cheer and motivate others to keep up their workout routines this winter by leaving suggestions of your own in the comments section below.

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