Baby-Bump Travel Tips


Whether you’re planning a peaceful vacation or heading off on a quick business trip, traveling when pregnant presents a unique set of challenges. So, let’s chat and chew about five essential tips to help you have a safe and relaxing trip.

Healthy snacks
It is always a good idea to have extra snacks on hand if you’re traveling, in case of delays or inedible airline food. Eating little and often can also help to relieve morning sickness. Take a supply of dried fruit, cereal bars, and any other snacks you enjoy. If you’re taking any pregnancy vitamins, remember to pack them in your bag too.

A bottle of water
Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water with you at all times. It’s essential for keeping hydrated during your trip. If you’re flying, buy a bottle of water or refill an empty one when you get through security. 

Wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel
Plain and simple—these will keep you feeling fresh and clean if you’re going on a long trip.

A letter from your doctor or midwife
This only applies if you’re flying after 28 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, most airlines will require a letter from your doctor or midwife before allowing you to fly. The letter should state your due date and confirm that your pregnancy is healthy and you are fit to fly.

Any medication prescribed by your doctor
If you are traveling abroad, you may also need to carry a note from your doctor explaining your medication and why you need it. This varies from country to country, so check with your travel agent or airline before you go.

The bottom line is, traveling while pregnant can be very different than travel before the bump. Between having to use the restroom twice an hour to concerns over early labor, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so you can relax and enjoy your trip! For more travel tips, check out WebMD’s ‘Travel During Pregnancy’ list. Also, new to Compass Rose Health Plan members is our Pregnancy Wellness page. For helpful tips and resources to use during each trimester, visit

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