Remember Your Caregivers This Holiday Season


There are times when a family cannot adequately care for a loved one and rely on a caregiver for help with children, the elderly or disables. Caregivers can be anyone from doctors, nurses, therapists, babysitters and nannies, to family members, friends and neighbors. Caregivers not only aid your loved ones with basic care needs, but also help you by sharing the responsibilities on your plate. In addition to ensuring the wellbeing of your loved one, caregivers may provide transportation for doctor visits and other errands or help with basic housekeeping.

Caring for a person in need is not easy. The demands of providing daily care can cause burnout—especially during the holiday season when stress can intensify. That is why making an effort to appreciate your caregiver is important. Whether you hired a caregiver or have a family caregiver helping your loved one, expressing thanks will really make their day. Take some time to show caregivers how much you appreciate them. Here are a few ideas to let them know how thankful you are.

  • Give the gift of time so that the caregiver can get away for a few hours. A much needed break can allow your family caregiver to rest and recharge.
  • If you cannot act as the caregiver, help with other tasks that you can take off their plate. Offer to run to the grocery store, take your loved one to their doctor’s appointments or make a home-cooked meal.
  • Include Family Caregivers in Your Gift-Giving, when appropriate. Give them a gift you think they will enjoy, send flowers or take them to dinner.
  • If your caregiver is aiding a long-distance family member, stay in touch. When you check in to see how your loved one is doing, ask your caregiver about their day, family or interests.
  • Just say thank you.

Caregivers can never hear thank you enough, so let this be a “Thank You” to all the wonderful caregivers out there. Thank you for the amazing job you do. The patience and selflessness you provide does not go unnoticed.

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