New Year’s Resolution: Preventive Care


It is that time of year again where millions of people are vowing to get fit and stay healthy. But when February hits, the gym is deserted. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be healthier this year, put a new twist on it and start by seeing your doctor for a routine preventive care exam. Take it one step further and encourage your family members to get a check-up as well—even if they feel healthy and do not present any symptoms.

An annual preventive care exam can help identify health risks and problems early, when the chances for treatment and recovery are higher. Depending on your age, risk level and medical necessity, here are examples of some of the preventive tests and screenings your doctor may recommend:

  • Blood Pressure Screening. About 75 million American adults have high blood pressure—that is 1 in every 31. High blood pressure or hypertension often has no signs or symptoms, so a screening is the best way to detect it. Start applying these statistics and facts, and you will realize there is a good chance you or one of your relatives is at risk.
  • Cholesterol Screening. People with high total cholesterol have approximately twice the risk2 for heart disease as people with ideal levels. High cholesterol is often linked to heart disease, heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.
  • Immunization Vaccines—kids are not the only ones who receive immunizations. Adults need vaccines as well, such as an annual flu shot. Your doctor can let you know if you are up-to-date.

Talk with your doctor openly and honestly if you have any other health concerns, and ask them which tests are right for you.

Take advantage of your Preventive Care benefits. The Compass Rose Health Plan provides 100% coverage for a variety of screenings when using an in-network provider. Don’t delay, schedule your annual preventive care appointment with your doctor. Start by locating an in-network provider. Please note: To receive 100% coverage, your physician’s bill must clearly state “Routine Physical Exam”.

Despite wanting to stay healthy and prevent disease and illness, there are numerous excuses for not following through on resolutions. We want to help make sure you do not put off preventive care this year! Whether you have a condition that you need help managing or you are looking to quit smoking, the Compass Rose Health Plan can help. To learn more about the resources we offer, visit your Member Portal account or call a Compass Rose Specialist at (866) 368-7227 (option 3).


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