Women’s Health and Fitness Day


We started 2017 with tips on getting annual wellness checkups and throughout the year focused on health issues that affect women. As we near the end of the year, it is only fitting that we celebrate Women’s Health and Fitness Day set for today, September 27, 2017.  So let’s chat and chew about this very important event.

What is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day?

Women’s Health & Fitness Day is the nation’s largest annual health promotion event for women of all ages. This unique national program focuses attention on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women. The event is similar in concept to its “sister” event — National Senior Health & Fitness Day — the nation’s largest older adult health promotion program held every May. Women’s Health & Fitness Day will also be part of a new National Women’s Health & Fitness Week, to be held annually the last week in September.

Today, more than 500 groups across the country will host women’s health and fitness events at senior centers, hospitals, health clubs, park and recreation districts, local health and service organizations, schools, retirement communities, houses of worship and other community locations. An estimated 50,000 to 75,000 women of all ages are expected to participate in these local activities.

What Will Women Do at These Local Events?

Local health and fitness activities vary widely based on the organizations hosting the events and the interests of local women in these communities. Activities are noncompetitive and may include walking events, exercise demonstrations, health screenings and health information workshops.

Who Organizes This New Event?

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day is a good health partnership organized by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC), a national clearinghouse for consumer health information professionals. 

How to Celebrate!

  • Try a new sport. Mixing up your workout can be good for your body. Remember to consult your provider before beginning any exercise regimen.
  • Sleep in. Getting enough sleep is vital to both your phsycial and mental health.
  • Schedule your annual checkup. Annual women’s wellness visits can have a major impact on your overall health. They can play a major role in disease prevention as well as boost your chances for early detection of potentially serious health conditions. In addition, problems identified in the early stages may increase your chances for successful treatment and recovery and decrease your chances for further serious health risks.

We are all aware of the challenges of trying to coordinate our busy schedules with those of our various health care professionals. However, there are resources available to help you navigate your way to good health, and, believe it or not, they are available through your health insurance provider. Locate a provider near you with our online Provider Directory, or contact UMR at (888) 438-9135, if you need further assistance.

For additional information regarding National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, please visit their website.

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