12 Tips for Healthy Travel


We all know that traveling is exciting, but it can also be stressful and detrimental to our health when we are constantly on the go. Veering from your daily routine can easily derail your health and fitness regimen; and it is easy to use “I’m on vacation” as an excuse to eat out. Certain modes of travel also pose their own risks, like airplanes and cruise ships, which can have a lot of people packed into confined spacing — making it easier to encounter germs. So, while you are traveling this summer, be sure to keep these tips in mind to help ensure you have a healthy trip. Continue reading

A Whirlwind of Planning


Growing up in the northeast, hurricanes weren’t a normal occurrence; we were more likely to get hit with heavy rains than the full ‘eye-of-the-storm’ impact. It really wasn’t until Sandy ripped through the Jersey Shore that I ever experienced the aftermath of severe weather—let alone a Category 2 hurricane. Continue reading

Sky-High Traveling Tips


This past Wednesday was National Aviation Day, which celebrates the history and development of the aviation. While flying may not be your favorite way to travel, it does get you the furthest the fastest. Even though the seats are smaller and dinner might seem more like a snack, there are ways to sit back and actually enjoy your time in the sky. Continue reading