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This year, the Federal Government Employees’ Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program is holding an open season, and we want you to know that you have another option: The Compass Rose Group Term Life Insurance Plan, underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company. Continue reading

Life Insurance Awareness Month®


Life Insurance Awareness Month (Logo): Copyright © 2016 Life Happens | www.LifeHappens.org

Life Insurance Awareness Month® (LIAM) is in September – a month devoted to public education and awareness on the need and impact of Life Insurance.

Life insurance is extremely important to discuss with your family, especially because it isn’t meant for you—it is for those you leave behind. You work hard to make sure you can provide for, protect, and pave the way for your loved ones; however, in the event you’re unable to fill that role – whether it’s due to sickness, injury or loss – life insurance gives surviving dependents the financial freedom to continue down the path you started.

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