Planning on making positive changes to your lifestyle and improve your overall health in 2023? Don’t miss out on your chance to get rewarded for your hard work! You and your enrolled spouse can each earn up to $350 per calendar year (up from $250 in 2022) by completing qualifying screenings and activities through our Wellness Rewards Program.

Beginning in 2023, you must opt-in to the Wellness Rewards Program first in order to start earning reward points.

How to Opt-In

  1. Sign in to your myCompass account.
  2. Click Wellness Rewards Program in the QUICK LINKS menu
  3. Then, click the Start Earning Rewards button to opt-in

The period to earn rewards in 2023 is January 1 through November 30. You may opt-in at any time during this period.

Earning Rewards

There are many ways you can earn reward points:

  • New in 2023: Register for myCompass and verify contact information
  • Complete our online clinical health risk assessment
  • Receive your yearly biometric screening
  • Meet health targets for blood pressure and A1C
  • Get your annual routine preventive care check-up
  • Receive certain preventive care screenings
  • Participate in the Compass Rose Living Well program Participate in the Compass Rose Maternity program
  • Complete Tobacco Cessation
  • Utilize UMR’s Health Cost Estimator or Express Scripts’ Price a Medication tool
  • Complete an Action Plan in the UMR Activity Center

Learn More About Wellness Rewards

How to Track and Redeem Rewards

You can track your progress throughout the year using UMR’s Wellness Activity Center, which you can access through your myCompass account.

  1. Sign into your myCompass account
  2. Click Go to UMR to go to your profile within UMR
  3. Select Health Center under myMenu
  4. Choose Wellness Activity Center and get started

Earned rewards can be redeemed the following calendar year, so long as you remain enrolled in the Compass Rose Health Plan. If you elect to enroll in Compass Rose Medicare Advantage, earned rewards will not carry over and you will be eligible for a different rewards program.

Redemption methods are based on your primary insurer:

  • If the Compass Rose Health Plan is your primary insurer, earned rewards will automatically be applied to your deductible for the following calendar year.
  • If Medicare Part B is your primary insurer, earned rewards can be used to reimburse qualified medical expenses.
Unused rewards will not carry over.